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February 2017 Update

UPDATE on ISO 45001   (replaces OHSAS 18001:2007)

The ISO 45001 working group meeting, was held during the week of February 6, 2017.

A second draft international standard (DIS2) is expected to be published in April 2017; there will then be a 4 month period to allow for translations and the ballot.

The results of the ballot should be known by the end of July 2017, with the results of this being reviewed in September 2017.

If DIS2 is approved and the final draft international standard (FDIS) stage is not required, publication of the new standard could be as early as November 2017.

However, if an FDIS is required, the publication is estimated to be in Q2 2018.

It is likely that OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn and organizations currently certified to OHSAS 18001 will have a three year period to migrate to ISO 45001.

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Bosch Home Appliances

Congratulations to the team at Bosch home appliances for completing their ISO 14001:2015 Internal Auditor Course from Poague & Associates, Inc. This is a great group of people at the Bosch plant in Tennessee. Jerry P

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St. Jude Medical

St. Jude Medical implemented an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and wanted to find a consultant with both a Medical Device background and a facilities management background. Poague & Associates, Inc. filled the bill perfectly !!!!!!!!

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Inter-American Bank in Washington DC

We had a great experience at the Inter-American Bank in Washington DC. This amazing group of people travel all over the world providing loans for major construction, infrastructure and businesses. As part of the conditions of receiving the loan, the receiving company must agree to meeting performance standards for Environmental and Social Sustainability.

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